Emergence Curamus winner 2018

The SiRIC CURAMUS of Sorbonne University wishes to promote the emergence of transdisciplinary research projects on cancer.

In 2018, CURAMUS funded a first call for “seed” projects intended to support projects involving both Sorbonne University cancer research teams from the Faculty of Medicine and teams from the Faculty of Science and Engineering wishing to become involved in these projects.

Winners of the call for projects for the 2018 seed phase

Curamus awarded 6 winning projects in the “Seed 2018” call for projects. All the teams are members of the University Institute of Cancerology AP-HP. Sorbonne University and its partners Inserm and CNRS.




Evaluation of the biological and therapeutic effects of ferrocifenes on human glioblastoma cell models.


  • Aude JARY & Anne-Geneviève MARCELIN

Search for molecular loci of human herpes virus type 8 (HHV-8) involved in the development of Kaposi’s disease or multicenter Castleman’s disease.


  • Marie-Pierre JUNIER & Christophe ANTONIEWSKI

Dynamics of cell plasticity in glioblastoma.


  • Thierry DUFOUR & Laura FOUASSIER

Innovating an endoscoPic micRO-plasMa jet devIce to Stop the prolifEration of cholangiocarcinoma (PROMISE).


  • Santos SUSIN & Philippe KAROYAN

CD47-mediated programmed cell death: a promising approach against refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.



Analysis of chromosome conformation and epigenetic regulation of tumor associated macrophages in gliomas.