Social approaches and cancer

Social approaches and cancer

Asserting one’s rights and finding one’s way among the multitude of mechanisms and organizations is often a puzzle, or even a real obstacle course.

SiRIC wants to make your life easier by providing you with access to appropriate and quality information.

To do this, we have selected the Guide for patients and their carers:

Social approaches and cancer :

You can also order it in paper version, it will be sent to you free of charge.

This guide was produced by the National Cancer Institute, INCa, with the support of The League Against Cancer (click on the guide below to open it).


Full of information about your rights and the help you can get during and after care.

One of the real advantage of this guide is that it describes the social rights and the steps to be taken for each of the patient affiliation schemes: general social security scheme, self-employed workers, civil servants, farmers, the unemployed, etc.

Claude Forget, partner patient