Strategic axes

SiRIC CURAMUS aims to develop new collaborations within its multidisciplinary forces by initiating ambitious programs of translational research between the research laboratory and the patient’s bed, as well as transdisciplinary projects associating medical oncologists, biologists and researchers, chemists for molecule research, physicists for new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, computer scientists for datamining and researchers in social sciences and philosophy for the humanities.

Ours missions

  • Improving patient management
  • Responding to major societal challenges in the fight against cancer.
  • To train the researchers and doctors of tomorrow.
    Transfer the results of basic research into applications that will benefit patients and society as a whole.


Our strategic axes

  • Accelerate translational research: Develop complementary transdisciplinary approaches to translational cancer research by promoting synergy between its clinical teams at the PA-HP and research teams from the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities at the Sorbonne University.
  • Developing personalized medicine: To develop integrated research leading to innovative diagnostics and therapies that will benefit patients and society as a whole.
  • To promote medical humanities and health democracy: To bring together the strengths of the different faculties of Sorbonne University and the AP-HP.SORBONNE UNIVERSITY through the creation of the “Medical Humanities Integrated Group” team by involving patients in certain strategic decisions (patient associations and Patients’ University).
  • Enhance the production of new knowledge and technology transfer: Improve rapid access to biomarkers and innovative treatments by promoting technology transfer of its achievements to the economic world.
  • Share the dissemination of knowledge and develop training: Disseminate knowledge from the work of CURAMUS to health professionals, patients, the population, industrialists and decision-makers. To issue proposals for national and international recommendations for care. To develop, in line with the emergence of new professions within the IUC, new courses with the faculties of Medicine, Engineering Sciences and Literature of the Sorbonne University.