SiRIC Curamus presentation

“CURAMUS”, from the Latin “we take care”, is a site for integrated cancer research (SiRIC) labeled in 2018 by the National Cancer Institute (INCa) and supported by the AP-HP Hospital Group – SORBONNE UNIVERSITE (Pitié Salpêtrière), Saint Antoine, Tenon, Trousseau, Rothschild, Charles Foix, La Roche Guyon) and by Sorbonne University under the umbrella of the Institut Universitaire de Cancérologie (IUC), in association with their institutional partners, INSERM and CNRS.


SIRIC CURAMUS’ integrated research project is based on three programmes, supported transversally by the Medical Humanities:

  • neuro-oncology
  • rare immuno-hematological cancers
  • cancers with microsatellite instability


Our ambition is to improve patient care and monitoring through the development of innovations in health, education and research as well as information and training for patients, the general public and professionals.


key data

AP-HP – SORBONNE UNIVERSITY welcomes nearly a third of AP-HP cancer patients with more than 16,000 patients including 10,000 new cases per year, concerning all ages and all types of cancers.

The SiRIC CURAMUS is composed of 77 hospital and research teams:

  • 36 clinical services
  • 17 Inserm teams
  • 13 CNRS Science and Engineering teams
  • 11 university teams in Arts and Sciences


Consult the geolocalized directory of hospital and research teams


Sorbonne University, born from the merger of the Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) and Paris-Sorbonne Universities, is the 1st French University (Shanghai ranking) with three faculties: Medicine, Engineering Sciences and Literature including Humanities and Social Sciences.


The Institut Universitaire de Cancérologie (IUC) is the federative structure on the theme of Cancer within the GH APHP.6 and Sorbonne University and their institutional partners. The IUC brings together multidisciplinary teams (clinical, translational and biomedical research, sciences and engineering, human and social sciences, etc.) in the same prospective reflection on projects involving care, teaching and clinical, translational and fundamental research. The close collaboration with the Université des Patients (UDP) confirms the importance that the IUC attaches to patient information and training and to health democracy.

Among the projects supported by the IUC, alongside the SIRIC CURAMUS, are the implementation of the NGS for cancer diagnosis, the certification of tumour libraries, and the creation of the CLIP² Galilée for early phase clinical trials, allowing a continuum between translational research and on-site clinical research. All these structures, among others, participate in the development of SiRIC CURAMUS.
SiRIC CURAMUS aims to organize fundamental, translational, clinical and human and social science research by promoting the synergy of its multidisciplinary teams.