Right to be forgotten

Right to be forgotten for access to loan

The accession to the ownership of the main residence is a very important act to secure the life of everyone, it is the first act of constitution of an inheritance realized by one French out of two. The end of the payment of the real estate loan is very often the adjustment variable which makes it possible to compensate for the fall in purchasing power suffered at the time of retirement.

It is therefore essential to help cancer patients to have access to mortgages by limiting as much as possible the difficulties encountered when taking out insurance.

The Health Modernization Act of January 2016 significantly improves the situation by introducing :

  • a legal period of right to oblivion for access to loans by insurance companies: 10 years after the end of care without recurrence for adults and 5 years for minors.
  • a conventional mechanism between insurers and patients’ associations intended to enrich the law for pathologies that can claim a reduced period of the right to oblivion in view of the quality of the prognosis. This is the case for pilocytic astrocytomas, which benefit from a 4-year delay for adults instead of 10 years since July 2018.


“The SiRIC CURAMUS, in collaboration with patient representatives and associations, identify the cancers likely to be presented to the Ministry of Health in order to initiate the conventional approach with the insurance companies to obtain a reduction in the legal deadline for the right to forget. »

Claude Forget

Patient representative