University Degree Immunocompromised Cancer 2019-2020 AP-HP.Sorbonne University

University Degree Immunocompromised Cancer 2019-2020
AP-HP.Sorbonne University


Training manager : Pr. Jean-Philippe Spano et Dr. Sylvain Choquet (Paris)

Studies director : Dr. Luca Campedel (Paris)



Optimizing the management of immunocompromised cancer patients (people living with HIV or transplant patients)

This university degree is mainly aimed at young doctors (assistants, heads of clinics, hospital practitioners) or medical interns. The training can be open to other specialists such as pharmacists, biologists, clinical research associates, FDIs or researchers with an interest in this field.

  • The main objective of the training program is to optimize the management of cancers occurring in immunocompromised individuals through the acquisition of the following knowledge:
    – Main principles of organ transplantation and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    – Epidemiology and mechanisms of action of the main oncogenic viruses: HIV, EBV, HHV8, HBV, HCV…
    – Epidemiology and characteristics of the main cancers occurring in immunosuppressed persons
    – Current Therapeutics
    – Update on new anti-tumor and anti-viral therapies (immunomodulators, cell therapies …)
    – Reminders of current recommendations for cancer management in immunocompromised individuals
    – Main drug interactions between antivirals, immunosuppressants and cancer treatments.



Attach CV and letter of motivation in order to obtain a registration authorization.

Informations :

Mme Marianne Veyri


This university degree can be part of the :

– Initial training (FI): students, interns

– Individual Continuing Education (ICF): employees, self-employed and individuals not covered by the scheme

– Formation Continue Employeur (FCE): jobseekers and employees with financial support



Enrolment for the university degree in Immunocompromised Cancer 2019-2020 APHP. Sorbonne University are open until October 31.

DU Cancer de l’immunodeprime 2019-2020

Plaquette DU Cancer de l’immunodeprime 2019-2020


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