Alliance 4EU+ European Master’s Degree in Cancer Control

Alliance 4EU+ European Master’s Degree in Cancer Control

Alliance 4EU+

In 2018, Sorbonne University joined forces with the Charles Universities of Prague, Heidelberg and Warsaw to create the 4EU alliance. With the arrival of the Universities of Milan and Copenhagen, an expanded alliance of six institutions, 4EU+, came into being in February 2019.

By strengthening cutting-edge research at the service of society and by training together the new generations of European citizens, the 4EU+ alliance aims to meet the challenges facing Europe. It is laying the first foundations for an innovative model of European university to promote the free movement of people, ideas and practices.


One of the ambitions of the 4EU+ alliance is to build, on themes such as the environment, Europe, computing and health, common training courses irrigated by research. Supported by the Alliance, the European Master’s Degree “against cancer” is fully in line with this perspective.

Teacher-researchers and clinicians from the Alliance’s partner universities and the Faculty of Medicine of the Sorbonne University are developing, with SiRIC CURAMUS under the federation of the Institut Universitaire de Cancérologie, a multidisciplinary training programme in cancerology.




4EU + in numbers:

  • 286 940 students23,680 scientific and academic staff
  • 26,350 administrative staff
  • 243 Erasmus+ projects
  • A budget of €368M by 2020
  • 4 priority areas in research and training :
    Urban Health and Demographic Change
    Europe in a changing world
    Transforming science and society through data
    Biodiversity and sustainable development