Team 6: LIMICS (Laboratory of Medical Informatics and Knowledge Engineering in e-Health)

Campus des Cordeliers

Pr Marie-Christine Jaulent

The Laboratory for Medical Informatics and Knowledge Engineering in e-Health (LIMICS) is a single-team, interdisciplinary research unit in informatics and medical informatics. Our strategy is to make effective the collaboration of these two disciplines through the development of innovative decision-making systems. To achieve this, we develop innovative approaches to health information processing on both methodological and application levels. The aim is to make information systems (IS) more autonomous in their understanding of the data and knowledge they handle so that they communicate with each other and are better integrated into healthcare and research decision-making activities. The research themes associated with the development of our work are:
  • theoretical research in computer science around the representation and formalization of knowledge
  • applied research in various fields of application aimed at studying the impact of proposed solutions, with a potential
  • impact in evidence-based medicine (modification of good practice based on hospital or living area data
  • research in computer science and medical informatics in the area of data integration and analysis
  • research in informatics and medical informatics in the field of decision support and practice evaluation
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