Team 56: TGF-ß signalling in cell plasticity and cancer

Centre de recherche Saint-Antoine (CRSA)

Pr Céline Prunier

Transforming Growth Factor beta or TGF-B is a multifunctional cytokine that plays a key role in the biology of metazoans, from the early stages of embryogenesis to the regeneration of mature tissue. TGF-B maintains tissue homeostasis through a multitude of processes, such as the regulation of pluripotency, stem cell differentiation and the suppression of the oncogenic capacity of premalignant cells. However, TGF-B may also exert pro-metastatic functions by promoting cell migration and invasion in the later stages of cancer. The mechanisms by which TGF-B performs this dual role during carcinogenesis are still poorly understood. In this context, our research projects aim at elucidating the interactions between key components of the TGF-B signalling pathway, particularly during tumour and metastatic progression and in cell plasticity processes.   Website: Affiliations: UMR-S UPMC/Inserm 938, centre de recherches Saint-Antoine Contact: