Team 55: Microsatellite Instability and Cancers

Centre de recherche Saint-Antoine (CRSA)

Pr Alex Duval

The topics for our research group are focused on the study of mismatch repair (MMR)-deficient human tumors that develop through a particular molecular pathway characterized by the genetic instability of numerous microsatellite repeat sequences throughout the genome (MSI tumors). Since founded, the research interest of our lab is the analysis of the genetics of MSI tumors whatever their localization. The overall aim of our activity is to investigate important pathophysiological aspects of MSI carcinogenesis. Questions and hypothesis, on the fundamental and clinical sides, related to this particular tumor type are deduced from the analysis of causes and functional consequences of the microsatellite instability process characteristics of these tumors. These last ten years, we have built and exploited a unique collection of biological tools, mouse models, sample collections, clinical databases and techniques that have been designed or adapted by ourselves and collaborators for the study of MSI cancers. Translational research topics have been developed in order to gain maximum benefit from our findings. This allowed the discovery of new risk factors, biomarkers, and diagnostic tools of clinical interest for patients suffering from MSI cancers.   Website: Affiliations: UMR-S UPMC/Inserm 938, centre de recherches Saint-Antoine Contact: