Team 18: Migration and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells

Institut de Biologie Paris Seine

Pr Thierry Jaffredo

The production of blood cells is based on multipotent, self-renewable stem cells: haematopoietic stem cells (CSH). The first CSH appear autonomously and in small numbers in the embryonic aorta. They are generated from specialized endothelial cells known as haemogenic cells. The CSH then amplify in the placenta and fetal liver before being located in the bone marrow where they will remain throughout adult life. During these stages, they are in close contact with various cellular microenvironments that play a decisive role in their function.

The production of the first CSH from the haemogenic endothelium, the characterization and gene identification of CSH populations present simultaneously or sequentially in the embryo and their microenvironments are all issues that we address through avian, mouse and human models using embryological approaches, functional tests and integrative biology methods.




Affiliations  UPMC/CNRS UMR7622 Biologie du Développement Paris Seine