Team 27 : Cell death and Drug Resistance in Hematological Disorders

Le Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers (CRC)

Pr Santos Susin et Pr Florence Nguyen-Khac

The main goal of our team is to analyze in detail the molecular mechanisms associated to drug resistance in different hematological malignancies (see our research projects below) and to propose original approaches to overcome this therapeutic blockade. To develop this program, we have gathered a group with the required knowledge and skills, ranging from researchers specialized on programmed cell death to clinicians specialized on the physiopathology of lymphoproliferative and mast cell malignancies. Thus, the main strength of our project is that it involves close interaction between scientists and clinicians, each one taking advantage of the other’s expertise. This cultural and technological exchange entails a multidisciplinary approach that should enable us to meet a two-fold objective. Fundamental: increase the existing knowledge of biochemical and molecular mechanisms associated to drug resistance. Applied/Translational: develop new therapeutic approaches to treat haematological malignancies.   Website: Affiliations: UMR_S UPMC/Inserm 1138 CDR Cordeliers Contact: